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Monday, May 9, 2011

Adrenaline Day!

Today the bus didn't leave until 9am, so we got to sleep in a bit. This turned out be a good thing, since this was an action-packed day of adventure. We drove to Stormsriver, just outside the park, for our canopy tour. This was an 1-1/2 hour tour of the forest treetops along ziplines, which we all decided would be a great way to travel. Of course, by the time I finally got the hang of things, the treetop tour was over. A wonderful time was had by all!

In many ways, this was just the warm-up act for what was to come. After a quick lunch, we were off to our next stop: the world's highest bungy jump! We had seven intrepid souls who were up to this challenge: Tia Van Winkler, Megan Grout, Rachel Plass, Brendan Sanders, Diane Boileau, Laura Weingates, and Mary Corey. Everybody did great, although Brendan candidly described it as the most frightening thing he'd ever done. Speaking as someone who was too afraid to jump, I'm inclined to agree.

After this adventure, we returned to the natural beauty of Tsitsikamma Park. Laundry, hikes/walks/strolls, and a lovely sunset awaited us after this exciting day.

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  1. Corey forget to add that Tia was the first person to jump off of the bridge from our group but the third person overall. Laura was the lucky final person from the group :)